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West Cascades Fiddle Camp in Oregon

Imagine days of playing music morning, noon and night. Does that sound like fun? Consider attending fiddle camp! West Cascades Fiddle Camp in Oregon is one of the best! They have some well-known fiddle teachers, classes for adults and children of all levels, lots of great workshops, and wonderful friendly people! Where else can you find 7 year olds jamming next to 70 year olds? Most people tent or trailer camp on the grounds, but there are alternatives to camping. Camp was canceled in 2020 and 2021 but they are making plans for 2022. Check out their new website:

2019 An Evening Jam

An End-of-Camp Performance

by a Intermediate Kids' Class

Mandolins Perform

Upright Basses Perform

A 2018 Adult Advanced Beginner Class

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