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A Little Bit About Us

District 3: Central Cal Fiddlers

CSOTFA District 3 was founded in 1976 in Bakersfield, CA.  Its popular fiddle contests were held every September at the Kern County Fair. 

In 1998, the contest was moved to Tehachapi with a new board, where it remains today. 

District 2 to the north disbanded in 2016 and was absorbed by District 3, more than doubling its size.  It is now the largest district in California, encompassing 12 counties in the middle of the state. 

There is a lot of talent spread over these 12 counties!

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Become a Member of CSOTFA

  • Membership includes: Regular newsletters, discounted rates at contests, a growing community of local fiddlers, and more! 

  • Membership fees: $20 for a single membership and $25 for a family membership. 

  • Want to become a member? Use the Contact Us page to reach out for more information. 

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